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I do not think I have ever had a good boyfriend. A few liars...yes! Some cheaters...those too! Abusers...definitely!

However, a great guy, that loved me for me… I don’t remember that.

I have had a propensity of dating men that needed to use me in an effort to feel better about themselves. I have dated the guy that married the girl that he cheated with (wait that happened twice). I have dated the guy that professed his loved for me after he hit me. I have dated the guy that left for 8 years and then came back to me, as I raised our 9 year old child (alone), wanting me to act like the abandonment never happened. I have dated them all.

What I realized, however, was that I had a propensity for this. I had the tendency to date boys. These boys were emotionally and sometimes mentally broken. I did this! I engaged in every moment. I pushed past every desire to leave. I stayed!

I also realized that I had a divine purpose. A purpose, that once fulfilled, will outweigh every broken promise, every tear that has fallen, and every time my heart broke open. When I realized who I was, my propensity for bulls$&@ stopped. I am now at peace.


Dr. Sheika Square is an author, business strategist, life coach, prolific speaker and executive consultant with more than 13 years’ experience. Affectionately known for her straight-up, no-fluff coaching approach, Dr. Square gives ambitious entrepreneurs the insight and guidance they need to shift from an aspiring entrepreneur or side hustler to a confident and profitable CEO.

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