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1-Hour Phone Session


Listen, I don’t care how “easy” your favorite social media influencer makes it look, scaling or growing a business is no cakewalk. And let’s be honest, IF you could piece together a 7-figure strategy from social media, you would’ve already done it. 

Lighten Up On Yourself...

Because what you need to stop is … sitting, dreaming about success, praying for-profits, hoping for a breakthrough when what you SHOULD be doing is getting the been-there-done-that advice and guidance you need to eliminate the guesswork and get to the money, business success, and peace of mind you crave.


Here’s what you can expect during this 1-hour session:


☛ You’ll give me access to a pain point, challenge, or pressing issue you've been dealing with, inside your business, with your money, or in life, and I will help with any mindset or money blocks, business hiccups, or life issues preventing you from living out your dreams

☛ Additionally, we will draft a strategy to address any issues revealed during the call and use my 13 years of experience to recommend a viable way for you to silence your struggles so you can gain the confidence to achieve (and maintain) success

☛ You’ll leave the call with a real answer to the question(s) you provide and gain clarity and direction on the next steps 

Their Stories

Dequana McClendon

Traveling Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Melika Honore

CEO, Honore Credit
“I’ve done coaching with Dr. Square for about 3 years now, and its changed my life and my business.

Stacey Byes-Byarse

CEO, It Takes a Village Academy and Real Estate Investor 

Brittany Nelson

CEO, Fit With Britt
“Sometimes when you are not ready mentally, it is hard to change physically. Dr. Sheika Square helps my clients get back to where they want to be and helps them feel better on the inside.”

Melissa McClendon

CEO, NOLA Home Reality 

Keseana  Danielle

New Entrepreneur & Fitness Professional

MSQ-9278 (2).jpg

Meet Your Coach

Hey, I’m Dr. Sheika Square, author, business coach, prolific speaker, and executive consultant. Affectionately known for my straight-up, no-fluff coaching approach, I give ambitious, women entrepreneurs the insight and the guidance they need to shift from "the hustler" to a confident and profitable 6-Figure + CEO.

Listen, your success as an entrepreneur, your business, your mindset, and peace of mind are all connected, so when your money is not right, you can not live your best life and vice versa.


When we hop on the phone, we’ll work out a strategy to ensure your money, mindset and business are all in alignment … just like I’m doing with Melissa McClendon:

“Since working with Dr. Sheika, she’s helped me put processes in place as well as helped me make sure my mindset is sufficient for me to be able to be a leader and help my clients be the best that they can be. I would definitely recommend as a business that you need someone like Dr. Sheika to help you with putting your processes in place, growing your business, and working on your mindset so that you can be an effective leader and entrepreneur.” – Melissa McClendon

Ready to develop your business, mindset, and growth strategy? 

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will I need to call you during my scheduled time?

No! We will both use the zoom link that will provided to you via email. The zoom link will be opened at least 5 minutes before.


☛ Do I have to use a camera during this Zoom Call?

No! The call is a video and audio call and will allow you to use either or both. You are welcomed to turn your camera off


☛ Will I get a copy of the call notes?

Yes. Call notes will be provided in whatever form they are taken. Notes that are written will be emailed. Notes that are taken on video will be uploaded and sent via a link


☛ Do I get to review the call?

Yes. You will have the opportunity to review the call at the end via video and/or audio


☛ Will I get a reminder about the Zoom Call?

You will get a confirmation email that will allow you to save it to your calendar.


☛ Is this payment refundable?

This payment is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable

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