The Surgeon Healed Me

Even years after the surgery, I can remember feeling deep rooted pains where my appendix used to be. On the surface, there is a scar. A battle wound. A place that tells the world what used to be there, but no longer has a place to call home. However, inside there’s an empty hole; a place that now has a void; a need. A space that waits to be healed… As a result, randomly, I would feel sharp pains, as if something was shifting into the place that used to have a certain function. Since this is unusual, it would hurt, at first. It felt strange, inexplicable.

It didn't appear to the outside world that I was missing anything or like I had been through something. Yet there was a scar. If you looked a little deeper my scar told it all. Under my scar I still had pain. Beyond my scar, I was healing.

It wasn't until I went thru a later heartbreak that I realized how much healing could hurt even after the battle wounds had faded. For months after I had been betrayed and left to pick up the pieces, I remembered feeling at peace. I also remembered having a small reminder that I was still in the healing process. Now I don’t have those pains anymore. I must be done with healing…

Don’t avoid the healing process. Only once it is over will you understand how important it is.