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Scientifically speaking, rain originates in the water cycle and as a result, makes deposits all over the world. It is uniquely responsible for many bodies of water, various life forms, and the continued maintenance of many ecosystems. Yet, when it rains people run and hide.

Rain has the ability to encapsulate an individual and destroy everything around them. I also understand that rain has the ability to cause flooding, disasters, and complete chaos. However, many times when there is an emergence after the rain, the emergence acts as a renewal. I often recognize the rain’s ability to cleanse, revive, unite, and bring about healing as well.


Rain in the literal sense is composed of tiny droplets of water that combine to create a larger entity. Rain as a part of the human process acts before deliverance; becomes the darkness before the light. Once you begin to look at rain in your life as a necessity before new levels can be reached, and not as a nuisance, fear of the rain will go away.

Instead of running from the rain begin to appreciate its presence.


Dr. Sheika Square is an author, business strategist, life coach, prolific speaker and executive consultant with more than 13 years’ experience. Affectionately known for her straight-up, no-fluff coaching approach, Dr. Square gives ambitious entrepreneurs the insight and guidance they need to shift from an aspiring entrepreneur or side hustler to a confident and profitable CEO.

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Rain can be looked at in many forms it just what it means to you and how you utilize it to move forward. Rain can be sorrow if you don't recognize the cleansing it gives.

Dr. Sheika Square
Dr. Sheika Square

Yes absolutely

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