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About Me

"The road to success is not always painless, but for me it is always possible. I am Dr. Sheika Square, 'The Business Doctor,' and I believe having beauty in your life is possible.
Join me on this journey of Power & Purpose, where we work to change your life & business together."


No longer will the acceptance of mediocrity be enough. It is time to get in touch with the true you, the real you, the perfect you. Every dream you have ever had is waiting on you. Every concept, every idea, and every invention… all at your fingertips… The journey will be scary. The unknown will try to convince you to quit, but now is the time.
Now is the time to set your world into motion. Get out, move, believe, and love. It is time to dig in, clarify your vision, and start living the life you want. It is time for a revolution!
Now ask yourself if you have the possessions or people you want in your life or just what you thought you could have?

Melika Honore - CEO, Honore Credit
“I’ve done coaching with Dr. Square for about 3 years now, and its changed my life and my business.

Brittany Nelson - CEO, Fit With Britt
“Sometimes when you are not ready mentally, it is hard to change physically. Dr. Sheika Square helps my clients get back to where they want to be and helps them feel better on the inside.”

Irvanta Goss - Course Attendee
“I am excited about Total Life Transformation in 90 Days; I know it will make me a better person and give me the life I want.”

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