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Dr. Sheika Square!

Hey, I’m Dr. Sheika Square, author, business strategist, life coach, prolific speaker, and executive consultant. Affectionately known for my straight-up, no-fluff coaching approach, I give ambitious entrepreneurs like you the insight and the guidance you need to shift from an aspiring entrepreneur or side hustler to a confident and profitable CEO.

What I know...

I know you want to succeed. I know you want to step into your purpose. And I know you want to use your gifts to help the people who need you most.

Now, here’s what I also know:

While you want all those things, you have no idea how to make them a reality. You see, you might have the business thing altogether – sales and clients are rolling in and the money is good. BUT, you’re miserable and overworked.

OR maybe you’ve been doing the side hustle thing for a few years now but your 9- to-5 is weighing heavy on you. BUT, your side hustle isn’t bringing enough profits to become your only hustle.

OR maybe you love your 9-to-5 and merely want to generate an additional stream of income or two. BUT, you can’t seem to figure out how to get the ball rolling.

Any of these scenarios sound like you? Don’t worry because I’m here to address all the confusion, fear, self-doubt and negative self-talk popping up on the other side of those “BUT” statements.


Your Business and Life Doctor

Whether you’re looking for private coaching, online courses, or digital products to guide you along your entrepreneurial journey, you can rely on me to give you the game to get you up off the sidelines. You see, you’ve been watching and cheering on everybody else for far too long. While your excitement for everybody else’s victories is commendable, it’s YOUR turn to win.

Let me show you how.

Their Stories

Melika Honore

Brittany Nelson

CEO, Honore Credit
“I’ve done coaching with Dr. Square for about 3 years now, and its changed my life and my business.

CEO, Fit With Britt
“Sometimes when you are not ready mentally, it is hard to change physically. Dr. Sheika Square helps my clients get back to where they want to be and helps them feel better on the inside.”

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