The Essential Elements Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know When it Comes to Managing Money Now With The Affirmation Journal


I know, I know, money management is not the most glamourous topic, but it’s one that’s absolutely necessary for every entrepreneur. Because guess what, if you have no system for creating the money you need. And no system for tracking that money or for spending time with that money, then your business will always be operating from a place of lack and uncertainty.


And I don’t know about you, but I don’t like operating (anything) out of lack or uncertainty. Period. But listen, you won’t need to worry about lack or uncertainty when you claim a copy of my book, Money Management & Entrepreneurs: Making Money Work for You.


Inside this must-have money management resource, you’ll discover:

● How to understand your money habits and gain perspective on where your

money is and where it needs to go.

● The best ways to track and manage your money so you know exactly what’s

come in and where it’s gone.

● How having separate accounts can create more revenue and save you from

losing it all to a spending-spree.

● Which types of accounts work best for your business model.

● How, when and why you’ve got to create money goals if you’re serious

about making it as an entrepreneur.

● And sooo much more!


The Affirmation Journal (paperback)

For many of us, we allow unfortunate experiences to consume us and dictate our lives. These things then become a part of us, instead of an experience that grows and motivates us.


And by law of attraction, we bring most of it on through our thoughts. With this journal, you have the power to change those thoughts once and for all and learn:


● How to heal from unfortunate experiences

● How to attract more of what you want by changing your thoughts

● How to experience what grows and motivates you