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Words For My Younger Self

If I could write a letter to my younger self what would I say?

Aside from the fact that it would be covered in glitter and written in metallic ink…I would ask myself a question first. The question wouldn’t be about the Powerball or becoming a doctor. The question wouldn’t even entail travel or luxuries. I would ask myself, “Do you love?” “Is their love in your heart for you, for others, for your destiny, for your present?” “Will you love you enough to say no to hurt, to disrespect, and to neglect?” Since I already know the answer, I would then go on to tell myself, my younger self that “I have loved. I have learned the power of goodbye. I have lived in the beauty of hello. I have stayed quiet when it was unnecessary to speak and I have said a few great things when my life hung in the balance.”

“Since I love you because I’ve taken time to love me, you won’t need that relationship that makes you cry. You won’t need that friend that isn’t really your friend. I have enough will for you; enough love for you. Go ahead and live a little, because all of the harsh realities of life will still be waiting in between your smiles. If you live now with the love I have for you in your heart, then every moment will have purpose and regrets will be replaced with lessons.”

I would also mention how waiting is a trap and living is forever. Since time would be so important during a time when I had so much of it, I would make sure my younger self got the letter expeditiously. Long before the self-doubt and bleak outlooks…Years before the thoughts of grandeur were replaced with settling.

I’d have words for me.

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