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Sometimes I feel trapped inside of stigmas. I am not referring to just one kind of stigma. I feel trapped inside of them all. The one where I can't freely be free of stigma. The one where I've been told that it's not okay to think that or it is not okay to feel this stigma. I feel so constricted that I wonder sometimes if it's okay to be me. Burdened by the ideals of others... Thoughts of shrinking into mediocrity...

But what if the only me that I truly see, is me that's free to be just!

Sometimes it’s me that I have the most pleased with. I like me that is honest; not brutally, but authentically. The me that is the freest is the me that is not consumed with the perception of who I should be: domestic, well-spoken, social, polite, easily digested, safe. I like me that is adventurous, scared, quiet, aggressive, observant, in-love, and clear. In that way, I feel whole and purposeful. Strength resides in the clarity of being the true me.

I feel it’s time to break out of the lies. It is time to stand out and be seen. No longer is it okay to be you they told you to be. At this moment, you must find the you that you were meant to be. Be Proud. Be Brave. Be Flawless. It's time for you to LIVE AND BE ENOUGH!

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