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It is in our silence that we give thanks. Our silence shows others that we are listening and many times that we care. We are often told that silence is golden, yet its diamond qualities are often overlooked.

Silence can show respect. The respect for others and the respect we have for ourselves. Silence also quiets our enemies; releasing us from their toxins, while also elevating us to positions above reproach. Our silent tongues remove the need for I'm sorry. Our quiet places also produce knowledge, clarity, and wisdom.

It is in our silence that we become one with our authenticity, for without it we only respond to the clutter. Without any noise or the buzzing of confusion, we walk in our healing, our thankfulness, and our forgiveness. Silence has a pertinent role in each and every one of us. Instead of fearing its isolation, take solace in the ability of the quiet to renew you.

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