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I wanted to talk today about getting and keeping your peace. I had a week, like many of you, filled with things to make me wonder why people don’t work harder to hold on to their peace. I find so many people beating themselves up because of a mistake they made, hating themselves because they don’t have the life they thought they would yet, or even holding on to anger and resentment because someone hurt them/left them. These things can come in and wreak havoc on your peace and inner silence. Yet, so many people give up their clarity and purpose and function in frustration or hurt.

It’s very important in your journey to find and keep your peace. Your purpose depends on it. Operating in chaos, dysfunction, and hurt only breeds lack, resentment, and an inability to function. If you find yourself stagnant in life, it may be because you have lost or never found your peace. Even as a parent, especially parents that may have to juggle a lot of the responsibilities of parenting, it is imperative to have inner peace to hand down to that which is so precious to you.

So what does peace look like? In my opinion, peace comes when you stop worrying about what was or can be and operate in the now. This is not to say life dreams or goals become purposeless. This means anxiety, and a constant overlooking of the present, cease to happen. You begin to see the present moment and work in it. Whether this means you see the beauty of every moment or work diligently every day towards your dream is up to you. However, panic over not being enough stops.

Also, acceptance amplifies peace or at the very least allows space for peace to come in. Your acceptance for others, their life journey, and the journey of the world become pivotal here. Your acceptance of yourself is, however, monumental. In order to accept anyone else, something else, you must first have a full and complete acceptance for yourself. All of your flaws, shortcomings, mistakes, strengths, and intricacies must be accepted and you must become unapologetic for them.

Peace takes work and effort, but it also requires love and appreciation. Instead of staying busy being busy, today work passionately to find your peace.

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