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We all want a promise. Whether that promise is of a better life, better career, better business, or a better relationship; we are all actively searching for something. Very few people, however, want to put in the work…

Strong business leaders fall because they refuse to deny weaknesses. Husbands and wives give in to temptations that destroy marriages and youthfulness.

Friends lose ten, sometimes fifteen-year relationships, because one or both refuse to do the work necessary to keep the relationship together.

Many of us are full of gifts that require sacrifice. However, in our hastiness to have, we allow people in our lives that are only going to destroy us. We show an unwillingness to wait. s a result, destruction comes in and shows no mercy because we have no discipline.

The work to fight becomes too arduous…So big dreamers succumb to their faults. The gifted use their intellect to conquer and manipulate. Promises get lost. Sacrifice disappears. Easy becomes the norm and perfect becomes a distant impossible.

What are you giving up and settling for?

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Unknown member
Feb 18, 2021

I have given up in writing my book and I have nit figured out why. I have not taken the opportunity to explore my non-for profit organization to another level. It seems after the divorce it has taken a toll on me to pick up the pieces and walk

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