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Total Life Healing: 60 Days to a Better Business and a Better You

In less than 12 months, I went from confused to purchasing property, cars, publishing books, and having a guest spot on a national radio show.

I figured it out and this system is doing amazing things for people all around the world and for my life!

In this 60 Day Course, I go through everything you need to live a life so generous, that you transform your business, live in purpose, and make tons of money while doing it.

The best feature, however, is getting to do it all on your own time and at your own pace; from anywhere in the world.

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What Clients Say...

Melissa McClendon

“Dr. Square has helped me to improve tremendously. In the past, January has been one of my worst months financially.  Since we've been working together, January is actually one of my biggest months and its all because of mindset.”


Co-Owner, NOLA Home Reality

Lester Love

“I would tell every business owner looking to increase revenue and staff retention to call Dr. Sheika Square. I thought I was doing OK, until I met Dr. Square. She helped me to see that every pathway leading to the organization says something about the organization”


Bishop, The City of Love

The Course

Access to group coaching sessions, where you can ask me specific questions and post questions 24/7 inside of our private group; where I respond and provide feedback. You will feel supported and get my direct help in this program. There are also empowerment bonuses throughout the week, live sessions, Step-by-Step Videos on Building Wealth, Monetizing your Business, Thinking Time, Goal Setting, Networks, and much more that can be  accessed anytime and anywhere.

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Total Life Healing: 60 Days to a Better Business and a Better You

In my newest online system, Fast Start  & Change BootCamp, I outline how I changed my ENTIRE life in a matter of months.


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As an Author, Business Strategist, Executive Coach, and with over 13 years of experience in Leadership, Administration, & Business, Dr. Sheika Square is one of this generations pioneering leaders and captivating speakers. Along with the knowledge to make solutions and resolutions elucidated, Dr. Sheika Square’s ability to penetrate her audience and move them to action is unparalleled. 

Her work as a financial consultant and mentor/leader in the fields of Business and Education adds to her ability to disseminate unique messages. Dr. Square has worked with Dillard University’s DUFIT, the Urban League, Dillard University, BREC, STEM NOLA, Louisiana State University, and the University of New Orleans, putting her skills as a leader and educator to use.

After over a decade in education, finance, and leadership, Dr. Square launched her first business to foster the growth she desperately desires in others. Today, with fascinating and enlightening antidotes, Dr. Sheika Square speaks to individuals and groups on topics that offer insight into self and/or organizational maneuvering and helps people all around the world find their healing.

Dr. Sheika Square


What Clients Say About Healing...

Brittany Nelson

“Sometimes when you are not ready mentally, it is hard to change physically. Dr. Sheika Square, my personal life coach, helps me help my clients get back to where they want to be and help them feel better on the inside.” a


CEO, Fit Wit Britt

Melika Honore

“I've done coaching sessions with Dr. Square, for about 3 years now, and its changed my life and my business"


CEO, Honore Credit Consultants

Register Now!

Register now and receive 50% off when you pay in full

The Coaching

An Individualized Life Strategy Goal Plan, Email Access to Me, Live On-Line Chat Access With Me, Weekly Individual Assignments, and Take-Aways, to Help Hold You Accountable and Provide Concrete Action Plans for the Life You Want.

What Clients Say...

Latoye Brown

CEO, Audubon Charter

"Dr. Square's positivity and insight are inspiring. My team and I have enjoyed our journey with her."

Irvanita Guss

Course Attendee

"I am excited about this Total Life Transformation; I know it will make me a better person and give me the life I want."


Online Business Impact

Cancellation Policy: 100%, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you join a course, watch all lessons, complete all sessions, participate actively in all Q&A calls, complete & document the action steps, then your life will actively transform.  Additionally, all coupon codes/discount codes are honored as refund credits, processed within 7 days. No call/No Show will result in no refunds. 


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