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Money... A topic many people shy away from, and yet, an issue that should be top  of mind for entrepreneurs, especially if you find it’s tripping up your business.  

See, while you might be pulling in sales, failing to keep a watchful eye on where  your money is going will leave you busted and broke and out here wondering  “where the money resides.” 

April Morgan, Course Participant


Got Their Money Right

April Morgan, Course Participant


Shawntee Fambro, Course Participant

Yeessssssssssss Thank You Super Dope 


Ursula Carmichael-Shtepenja, Course Participant


Kristi Jackson, Course Participant

Lets Get This Money!!!

Discover How to Build Long Term Wealth with Simple Mindset Shifts 

Now whether you’re a new or established entrepreneur, IF you’re making a few to  tons of sales a day and you … 

☛ Don’t know where your money is going. 

☛Don’t have a consistent way to manage your money. 

☛ Don’t know how to shift your money habits in a way that multiplies what you’re  bringing in …  

… then I gotta keep it real … you have a money problem. 

And the problem has nothing to do with the amount of income you’re pulling in.  The problem is in how you handle that revenue.



The Problem

So, whether you’re making $10,000 or $100,000 a month, if you don’t know how much you are spending, how to reinvest, and what you put towards expenses, you're likely to look up and have nothing to show for your work, and that is a major problem.

Their Stories

Brittany Nelson
CEO, Fit With Britt


Melika Honore
CEO, Honore Credit


Melissa McClendon
CEO, NOLA Home Reality


What's In Money Management

Module 1

Creating money goals

Module 2

Tracking your expenses

Module 3

Maintaining separate accounts

Module 4

Why I still do an allowance?

Module 5

Dating your money

Module 6

Money Alerts 

Module 7


Module 8

Clean up your money

Module 9


Module 10

Passive Income

Module 11

Bonus when you pay in FULL

Money Management 

Audio and E-book

That’s why I’m opening the doors to my “Money Management &  Entrepreneurs: Making Money Work for  You” course


This course is designed to walk you through the steps every business owner needs to take if they’re serious about getting a handle on their revenue.  

Inside, you’ll gain invaluable insight on: 

The best ways to keep and make your money work for you 

☛ How having separate accounts can create more revenue and save you from  losing it all to a spending-spree 

☛ Which types of accounts work best for your business model 

☛ How to understand your money habits and gain perspective on where your  money is and where it needs to go 

☛ Why you must reinvest your revenue and how multiple streams of income  can be a goldmine 


The Key to Getting Your Money Right

Plus, when you enroll...

You’ll gain access to the course content for a full year.


 You’ll also get a FREE digital copy of my popular book,  

“Money Management & Entrepreneurs: Making Money Work for You.” 



So, while everybody on the internet seems to be asking, “where the money  resides?”, I’m out here helping new and established entrepreneurs ANSWER the  question.  


But don’t take my word for it ... here’s what clients say about working with me:

“I’ve done coaching with Dr. Square for about 3 years now, and its changed my life and my business.

Melika Honore, CEO, Honore Credit


Meet Your Money Coach

Hey, I’m Dr. Sheika Square, an author, business strategist, life coach, prolific  speaker and executive consultant with more than 13 years’ experience.  Affectionately known for my straight-up, no-fluff coaching approach, I give  ambitious entrepreneurs the insight and guidance they need to shift from an  aspiring entrepreneur or side hustler to a confident and profitable CEO.


Listen, your money mindset spills into every opportunity and endeavor you pursue.  So, IF you want to get to the money, you FIRST must get your mind right. And that's precisely what you can rely on me to show you how to do.


Another Review


Let's Get to The Money...

Now that you’ve received the rundown about the course. You’ve heard from my  clients. You’ve checked my credentials. And you’ve identified that you have a  solvable money management problem, there’s nothing left to do except … get to  this money! 

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