When You Get Clear About the Life, Money, and Business You Want, Shift Happens

Too many times, I hear people say things like …

☛ “I’m just not happy – I wake up feeling unfulfilled and I’m tired of it.”

☛ “I don’t have enough money and can never figure out where it all goes every month.”



☛ “My business is more like a hobby than a business – even though I’ve been at it for a while now, I can’t seem to find enough clients to make it sustainable.”

… And, in response, I have to say, hold the phone, hit pause and let’s put some focus on these things because if you continue on as usual, I can guarantee that things will continue to just be more of the same.


Now, I’m pretty sure you don’t want that. 


But I’m also pretty sure that if you knew how to shift these things on your own, you would have by now. 


That’s why I’ve created a monthly membership program that has built-in systems to help you focus your attention, get clearer on what you want and commit to your betterment and growth.

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Membership Group


Coaching Clients

Melissa McClendon

CEO, NOLA Reality

Melika Honore

CEO, Honore Credit

For only $38 per month, you’ll get access to all the things you need to grow your money & live your best life:

☛ Monthly content like how to change your beliefs around money(for real), how to determine what you want and how to find gratitude , because you know I believe money and gratitude go together

☛ Private, members-only LIVES where we’ll dive deeper into each topic

☛ A digital copy of my book, The Affirmation Journal

☛ A digital copy of my new book, Winning Numbers

☛ A book club complete with worksheets, accountability partners and a community Q&A

☛ Business Courses, that are jammed pack with information to help you shift your mindset and determine what you want

☛ Mental Toughness Courses, which teach you how to lean into your purpose, master gratitude and open your mind to success, money, love and healing

☛ And special members-only pricing on new offers and events


Something for Everyone

With all that’s packed into this membership, I could easily charge at least $3500 per year. BUT instead, I’ve decided to set enrollment at only $38 per month – a rate that should be doable for anyone who genuinely wants to experience REAL change in your life. 


Now, I also know the value of everything I’m sharing, so I can’t promise the rate will stay this low. 


So, if you’re ready to gain the clarity you need to achieve the life and business SHIFT you want, there’s no time like right now to take the first step to making it happen.

More Testimonies 

Brittany Nelson
CEO, Fit With Britt

“Sometimes when you are not ready mentally, it is hard to change physically. Dr. Sheika Square helps my clients get back to where they want to be and helps them feel better on the inside.”

Irvanta Goss
Course Attendee

“I am excited about Total Life Transformation in 90 Days; I know it will make me a better person and give me the life I want.”

Melika Honore
CEO, Honore Credit

“I’ve done coaching with Dr. Square for about 3 years now, and its changed my life and my business.

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Living In A Consistent State Of Creating

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The Winning Season Doesn’t Just Happen

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Pay People to Help You

  • Course

Go Big

What You Will Get

  • Course

Shift Your Mind Around Money

  • Course

Real Leaders Lead (Money Master Class)

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Multiple Streams of Monies

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Separate Accounts

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And Other Master Classes added Monthly


Meet Your Mindset Coach, The Doctor Behind the Membership

Hey, I’m Dr. Sheika Square, author, business strategist, life coach, prolific speaker and executive consultant. Affectionately known for my straight-up, no-fluff coaching approach, I give ambitious entrepreneurs the insight and guidance they need to shift from an aspiring entrepreneur or side hustler to a confident and profitable CEO. 


Listen, your mindset spills into everything that you do so if it’s off or if you’re stuck running in circles unsure how to change your thinking, then you need to make a shift … and that’s exactly what this membership is designed to help you do.


You in?